Metal bag sealer

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    Easy operation

    Key Features

    • Made in Taiwan
    • Easy operation, hygiene and clean.
    • Creating a tamper-evident seal that provides security and protection of goods once it purchased.
    • High quality bagging tape can make sealing tightly and neatly.
    • Colors bagging tapes are red, green or yellow for color management.
    • Ideal for retail application or factory process packaging.
    • Widely suitable for various packing such as vegetable, cookies, hardware, electronic parts and so on.
    • Options: 
      (1) Metal bag sealer with trimmer. (Model: DP-BS916)
      (2) EZtear bag closer (Model: DP-BS1103)
    • Specification of bag closer:

    Inner core
    1/2” x 1” or 1/2” x3” (WxD)
    Machine weight
    0.9 kg
    Machine size
    220 x 75 x 140mm
    Packing size
    10pcs/ctn, 9kgs/10kgs/1.38’